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The Jailbird Beat


Somewhere between light-footed country rock, viscoelastic New Orleans gumbo, joyful calypso and break-away jail ballads, the only band which is cooking such a hot spicey gumbo is - THE JAILBRD BEAT!

In their past they’ve all been up to fun and mischief in country, bluegrass, folk and rock'n'roll music: Magot, for example, plucked his way through Europe on his bass with bands ZENO TORNADO & BONEY GOOGLE BROTHERS or THE DEAD BROTHERS (Voodoo Rhythm) as well as SLAM & HOWIE, DELANEY DAVIDSON or MENIC, to name but a few.

Lead singer Otis Bluetrain spent a long time on ska with the acclaimed VENTILATORS until he went Cash style with THE TENNESSEE FOUR. Two former members are now part of THE JAILBIRD BEAT: the swashbuckling Rico „la guitara inflamable“

Cajun Tales

and Marty O'Horny, on drums, who is seldom at a loss for a beat. They also went places with the TUMBLEDWEEDS. And there's Jimmy on the piano as well as on the same accordeon he used to play for the beloved MIDNIGHT TO SIX!

And last but not least, Andy Gator: so much country sound is rarely united in a single man. Inextricably joined to his pedal steel guitar, this hunk of a cowboy spent 15 years with the HONKY TONK PICKERS.

THE JAILBIRD BEAT is a hot gumbo, it seems - and word-of-mouth is travelling beyond the scene...

Ueli "Otis" Bluetrain – Lead Vocals, Guitar
Mago Flueck – Bass, Vocals
Rico Berger – El. Guitar, Vocals, Banjo
Andy "Gator" Zahnd – Pedal Steel & Slide Guitar
Marty O'Horny – Drums, Vocals
Jimmy Gmür – Piano & Accordeon

Hillbilly Guitarist Stabbed To Death In Lounge Brawl

   BAYTOWN, Tex., Feb. 10 -UP-A.

29-year-old guitar player with a hillbilly band dies at San Jacinto Memorial hospital here Wednesday from a stab wound suffered in a brawl when his estranged wife switched from singing "Walking the Dog" to the more refined "String of Pearls."

Police Wednesday were still unable to name the killer and where questionning several people including the wife, Mary Louise Weaver, 21.

Walked From Tavern

The stabbing ocurred at the Bayshore Lounge where Mrs. Weaver is vocalist for a three-girl combo.

No one knew the victim, Thomas Weaver, had been stabbed until he walked from the tavern and showed a knife wound to his father outside. 

According to Mrs. Weaver's statement to police, Weaver, his father, to men and a girl came to the lounge Tuesday night although, she said, "I didn't want to have anything to do with him her husband."

Switched Songs

She said one of the men with Weaver asked her to sing "Walking the Dog," but "I don't like hillbilly numbers. We never play them." 

She finally consented to sing the song but halfway through stopped and began singing "String of Pearls." 


About this time, other witnesses said, Weaver grabbed an unidentified man who had given Mrs. Weaver a dollar for singing a request.

Brawl Followed

A brawl followed and Weaver allegedly whacked Mrs. Weaver with a microphone. 

Mrs. Weaver said three man grabbed her husbald but nobody saw anyone use a knife. Minutes later Weaver went outside and had his father take him to the hospital where he died.

Weaver, estranged from his wife since August, was a guitar player with a band that has been appearing at a Houston nightclub.

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